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Introduction to the Internet

One-on-One Internet Education tailored to your business development

Plans and Pricing

A good tech decision cannot overcome a bad business decision.

At Introduction to the Internet we understand that Nashville professionals and companies must approach the web from their own individual perspectives. We specialize in that one-on-one approach. But to get the conversation started we offer several plans designed to meet the needs of the Business Internet. We will also be ready to discuss with you other options that might better fit your situation. Either way, contact us to begin:

Get Acquainted Consultation - Free

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This is a no-obligation one hour discussion about you and the Business Internet. We conduct these at your business or the friendliest coffeehouse of your choice.* We're there to listen but are good at getting you to open up about where you are in relation to the web. We can talk about basic internet concepts and how they could relate to your business. We'll also help you to start thinking about the web as a business tool. We may even give you some homework to move you along the online highway. After this meeting, we don't contact you again unless you see a need and have the desire.

*If you've never had a meeting at a local coffeehouse in Nashville, you'll be surprised at the amount of business that goes on there.

Online Business Presence Development - case by case pricing

This is an individualized development of your personal business internet persona. We approach the process in four stages:

Remember, you have to begin with the end in mind or you'll wind up with a scattered business presence that has neither thought nor directed motive behind it.

Business Internet Assessment - $750

Our goal is to evaluate your current online position. You'll see your web site from the perspective of your audience and pay attention to how your management resources are allotted. The Business Internet Assessment covers four areas:

We will spend up to 3 hours onsite and 7 research hours offsite to develop an assessment that will become your baseline for future reference and a plan around which we can help you develop a long term online strategy that is both achievable and comprehensible. If called for, we'll help connect you to experienced local resources as you move forward.

Knowledge is power and if you don't know where you stand right now you will not move ahead effectively online.

In-Depth Site Review - case by case pricing

The In-Depth Site Review is designed to help you evaluate how your site appears to and functions for your target audience.

Your web site is your professional, public face. Your services, organization, personnel, mission, and media campaigns are diminished if your web site is poorly conceived, developed, or maintained. Your corporate web assets are everything you are to the visitor that enters your online door.

When potential clients, partners, or employees want to learn about you, your web site is their first stop. This is the job interview. Are you dressed for success? A stain on the tie or muddy shoes will not tell you how good a job applicant is at his or her profession but it does say something about them. Likewise your web site leaves an impression beyond the page. When you get serious about your virtual persona we can work out a plan of action for you based on either one time, regularly scheduled, or continual reviews.

Quality Review Areas:

You're in good company with a poorly maintained site but is that what you want people to remember you for?

Consultancy and Training - $475 per 5 hour block

At some point you may need outside help. Consider us your first level of support. Nashville has many local companies with years of advanced development skills. Few if any deal with the small, simple online work that many companies need as they begin to move forward. Our strength is that we fill that first level gap in Nashville. We are not in business to do the high-end projects. We help you make sense of the Business Internet and take your first steps. From there we move you on to local resources that can take you to the next level. Remember though, we'll always be there if things get out of control and you need someone to talk you down.

Our services include: